Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 27

Hello all!
This week was pretty tough, not going to lie. Sister Goble (pronounced like "global" without the beginnning l" are still trying to adjust to each other and each other's teaching styles. But, we have definitely made major strides in getting to know each other better and getting along better.
We had a very interesting lesson with a former investigator this week. We have been texting everyone to see if they want to meet up and still learn. They only respond via text, no wonder missionaries are going more digital. But, this former named Danil (from Russia) responded and said he would like to meet up. As soon as we got there, we knew it wasn't going to go well. We started to try and teach him and he just had a rebuttal for everything we said. Finally, I got so frustrated that I said, "Danil, WHY did you agree to meet up with us?" He says, "So that I can teach you the truth." We wrapped the lesson up pretty quickly from there. He said the closing prayer, and prayed that "We would find the truth and no longer be blind." It was a very, very frustrating experience. I have never felt so disrespected in my entire life. He didn't respect us enough to not waste our time. But, the lesson I learned from this event was that without a doubt, this church is true. I know it. I felt beaten down as a missionary and as a person, but then I remembered that people even rejected our Savior, Jesus Christ.
We had a baptism on Saturday! Erika got baptized. It was SUCH an awesome, spiritual experience. I was sooo happy for her. (And, miracle of miracles, Sister Hehl got to come!!!!!!!! I was SO happy to see that girl. She truly is one of my best friends.) At the end of her baptism, Erika shared her testimony and it is one of the strongest I have ever heard. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to come here and to meet these people and feel of their faith.
Something sad happened this weekend. Kat and Joe (Dave and Jessica) moved :( After working with them for so long, it just about broke my heart to have to say goodbye to them, especially since they still haven't made the necessary changes to come to Christ. I think I now Know to a TINY extent what Heavenly Father must feel like when we have the truth but still choose to disobey the commandments. He wants us to choose the right, but we all have agency. I want Kat and Joe to change, but they have agency. All I can do is share the truth and pray for them.
I'm so grateful to be a missionary. It is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it is amazing. I know that this church is true, and that our Savior Jesus Christ leads it.
Love always, Sister Morrow

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