Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 10! Double digits whaaa?!

Dear Everyone,

I feel like so much happens in a mission week. I have no clue what to write about because there is sooo much to write about. But I'll try.
-On Tuesday, we met a hispanic girl named Stephanie while tracting a sketchy part of town. She is 22, and has had the missionaries over before. She grew up in America so she speaks perfect English and little Spanish haha. But anyways. She stopped meeting with the missionaries because her parents got sick of them because they went over there three or four times a week. It's quite the balancing act to know how much contact is the right amount of contact. But anyways. SHE IS ON DATE! Wahoo! She said she would like to be baptized in September. So September 21 it is. Unfortunately we haven't been able to visit her yet again but hopefully we will soon.
-I was pretty sick this last week. Just an awful head cold. Blegh. So that put a damper on everything but I just kept going. That's just what you have to do with missionary work.
-We have a new investigator named Frank! We had a lesson about the Book of Mormon and it was awesome. He basically said that he could believe the Book of Mormon is the work of God. He also came to Sacrament meeting yesterday! It was going fine and dandy, but then he asked Sister Hehl if we do a collection plate at the end. She said no, and briefly mentioned we pay ten percent of our income. As we talked to him after the meeting, he said he couldn't be Mormon because he can't pay tithing. He also said that he was going to go check out other churches and he would let us know if he was still interested. We were devastated, especially Sister Hehl because she felt like she messed it up by mentioning tithing. BUT. We had a miracle. Sister Hehl accidentally called Frank last night and he called back and I just straight up asked him, "Frank, are you still willing to learn about the church?" He said he was! We have another lesson set up with him for Wednesday.

-Miracle Mikayla! So do you remember me mentioning Mikayla, the investigator that we got from White River when I was in Lake Holm but we could never get in contact with her? Well. On Friday, we had the Wilkinsons (a family in the ward) as a backup plan. We drove there but were really hesitant to go visit. We sat in the car for five minutes discussing it. We had no reason to go there. None whatsoever. We had no clue what to talk to them about. But, we were walking up and Emilia (the eighteen year old Wilkinson girl) pulled up. In the front seat was MIKAYLA! We talked with her and asked her if she still wants to be baptized. She said yes! She is on date for July 27th. We taught her the Restoration on Saturday and she came to church on Sunday. She is the first investigator that I have seen the gospel literally and physically affect them. She just lights up when we are teaching her. She grins from ear to ear and sits up a little bit straighter. It is absolutely incredible to see. You should have seen her face when we told her that she can have the gift of the Holy Ghost. So things are going well with her, but her parents are a major obstacle. We can't meet with her unless her mom is willing to drive her to the Wilkinsons. Her mom is fine with her learning, but her dad is inactive, and very Anti. It's a struggle for Mikayla. We are praying that her parents' hearts will be softened!
-We are now officially the Federal Way mission! So far, not too much has changed. It will be interesting to see what President Eaton has to bring to the table. I'm excited. 
-Yesterday we had another "What are we doing?" Moment. We had planned to go drop by a potential investigator. We had no reason to go there, and we had no clue what we were going to say. As we were walking up to the house, Julie was outside. She invited us to a BBQ at her house on Thursday! Woooot! It's been really cool to see Heavenly Father taking care of things. With both Mikayla and Julie, we didn't know what we were doing. But the Lord did.
For anyone who wants to send me letters or packages, which should be everybody: ;) My new mission office address is:

23175 224th Pl. SE  Suite E
Maple Valley, WA

Being a missionary is awesome. Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Sister Morrow

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