Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a short one because the computers weren't working so I just barely got on.

So, the news you've all been waiting for......

Sister Hehl and I have both been out-of-zone transferred! We don't know where to though, not yet. And the crazy thing is we are staying together! That doesn't happen very often. I am super sad to be leaving Auburn and the White River Ward. I feel like we just barely were making progress in the area.

A couple of highlights from this week:-Frank texted us and wanted us to teach him again! We had a great lesson with him on Sunday. I am sad that we are leaving him.-I went on an exchange to Lake Holm this week! Talk about WEIRD. It was crazy being back in my old area. I was with Sister Judd, a sister from England. She was born in Detroit but grew up in England. We went to go visit a potential investigator and had an interesting experience haha. The guy was like 80 years old. He had fallen that week, and was bent on showing us his bruises. He lifted up his shirt to show us one on his back, and then pulled down his pants to show us one on his hip. So...I got mooned by an eighty year old.-Some sister in the ward, we don't know who, dropped off 10+ bags of groceries at our apartment. I almost started crying. It meant so much to us that they would go out of their way and spend so much money on us! It was a huge miracle and blessing.-We had an AWESOME lesson with Mikayla and Joel this week. They weren't going to let us in, but they did. We talked about a lot, and Sister Hehl and I took turns keeping the kids occupied. I had one of the sweetest moments ever: Taniah, their six year old girl, was looking through my quad with me. In the back, there is a picture of the Salt Lake temple. She literally gasped and stared at the picture. I said, "Isn't it beautiful? That's a temple! I am getting married in there someday." She looked up at me with these big round eyes and said, "Me too!" For that brief moment, I truly saw heaven in her eyes. I saw that recognition that comes from beyond the veil. It was incredible.-I learned some Marshallese! We had a Marshallese sister we were working with to bring back to church. She taught us how to say "How are you?" and "What have you eaten today?" "H et h'am muurr rhine-ee?" and "Quar manga ta rhine-ee?" I love you all, and I love being a missionary. This work is amazing. For some cool scriptures about missionary work read: D&C 133:57-58 and Isaiah 60:22.Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Sister Morrow

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