Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello all!
Well, it has been quite the week!
  On Tuesday, Sister Hehl and I got out of zone transferred to the Federal Way zone. We are in the Mirror Lake YSA branch. It is SO weird being in YSA again! We are young single adults...but we are missionaries. Quite the paradox haha. We introduced ourselves in Elders Quorum and the 1st councilor got up with us and said "You protect this sisters. You are their big brothers." Basically what he was saying was, "These girls are off limits, so don't even THINK about it." It was pretty funny haha. We haven't had any issues with the brothers so far. :) We did have one investigator ask us out...ya awkward. But we just explained that we can't date on our missions haha.

 So far I absolutely love this branch. The leaders are so supportive and so excited to have sisters here. Apparently the Elders who were here last were slightly on the lazy side...But anyways haha. :) There is a lot of potential in this branch. I can feel it! I have a feeling Sister H and I are going to get a lot done in this area and see a lot of miracles.
  Because we are in the singles branch, we cover the whole stake. A lot of our work is going to be trying to track down less actives and unknowns. Federal Way is beautiful! We are right near the Puget Sound and we get to see it through the trees now and again. Today we are hopefully going to try to go to Redondo to the boardwalk.
  I wish I had lots to report on as far as investigators, but I don't. :( The guy who asked us out, Gray, is coming to church on Sunday. We were given an investigator from the Elders that has been investigating the church for 7 years. Hopefully we will get to meet her soon! She lives out of the mission boundaries though so she has to come to us. We have an appointment today with a former investigator from the Elders at five, and he is bringing his girlfriend and brother! That's THREE! I'm excited, and I think it will go well.
  This week during our meal breaks, Sister H and I watched "The Mountain of the Lord" which is all about the building of the Salt Lake City temple. I was soooo humbled by the sacrifices made by the saints to build that temple. In part of the movie, Brigham Young promises a man that future generations of saints will praise him for his work because they will be able to make sacred covenants in that temple. I got very emotional as I realized how much that man's work has affected MY life. My parents got sealed in that very temple. My family had its beginnings in that beautiful house of the Lord. And someday, I'm going to start my own family there. I am so grateful for the sacrifices of so many that allows us to have temples and thus eternal families.

Thank you all for your prayers and love. I love being a missionary! This week I asked Sister H, "Can you even imagine your life without serving a mission?" I truly can't. It is amazing that a year ago a mission wasn't EVEN in the far reaches of my plans. God has a way of making sure we end up where we need to be, though. I am learning so much, and growing so much. I can't imagine my life without having been called to serve the Lord.
Hurrah for Israel!
Love always,
Sister Morrow

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