Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 19

Hello everyone!
This week was a long, awesome, exhausting week full of some incredible stuff!
Well, the biggest news was Shannon's baptism! It went soooo well. Well, we had some hiccups but I'd say it went really well. Shannon was just beaming and glowing. It made me SO happy to see the joy in her face. The closing song was "I Believe in Christ." I was sitting next to Shannon, and she was singing so loudly, so confidently. It has been a miracle and a blessing to see the changes she has made and to see her faith grow.
Some other really cool stuff!

This week we had exchanges with our Sister Trainer Leader. Sister Hehl went to that area, and Sister Brittany Barlow from Kaysville, Utah came into my area. She went to Davis, and we have a lot of mutual friends! It was fun to talk about home. But while we were on that exchange, we were working on a list of all the YSA's in the Stake. I can't remember if I have already mentioned this, but we are going through the list to see who is still in the boundaries, who is married, who isn't interested, etc. I saw a name on there and just decided to go there. It turns out that the girl who we had come to visit didn't actually live there, but was visiting with her sister. She had been thinking about coming back to church but didn't know where to start. She was about to go take a nap and thought about praying when we knocked on the door. It was such an incredible experience. And her sister isn't a member, and wants to be baptized! (Unfortunately we are having a hard time getting back into contact with her since she lives in Tacoma)
The second miracle that happened on the exchange is we met a sweet girl named Stephanie who is the friend of some members in the stake. One of the boys in that family returned from his mission in Brazil last week, and has been teaching Stephanie. We came over and had a lesson with her, and she is GOLDEN. She knows this church is true. The spirit was so strong as we testified to her. She said she wants to be baptized, and would be baptized this weekend, but her dad isn't very supportive right now. We are praying that her dad's heart will be softened and that she will be able to be baptized as soon as possible, especially before she goes off to school.
Oh...I should probably talk about transfers haha! Sister Hehl and I are staying together here in the Mirror Lake YSA Branch! We are both so glad we are staying. I personally feel like we still have so much to do here. And we have become such good friends. Sister Hehl is a sister to me. We have so much fun together! I'm so grateful that I will get to be with her for at least 3 transfers. :)
Also, I just want to thank all of my extended family for their support and love. When we get the mail, Sister Hehl and I always tell each other who the letters we got are from. The other day she turned to me and said, "You have so much support from your extended family!" It is so true. The majority of my mail is from extended family. Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. I am so blessed to have you all!
I know this church is true. Something that I have really learned on my mission thus far is to rely on the Atonement of our Savior. Every single day, I feel completely inadequate. However, every morning I get on my knees and ask for the help I need to get through the day. I AM completely inadequate, but I am not alone. My Savior took upon himself my sins and infirmities, He knows me perfectly. He knows that I can't do this alone, so He strengthens me. I know that the Atonement is real, and is enabling. I know this church is true!
Love, Sister Morrow

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