Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 21! Loving Life!

Hello everyone! Yet another week has come and gone. I swear, time goes by faster and faster the longer I am out here!
So! About this week:

-Sister H and I went and served a lady in our area on Tuesday. She is in her forties, and is a quadriplegic. She has a muscle disorder where all her muscles are always tight. She can't move at all. We got to go and help her move her arms and her legs. It was a huge blessing, and an eye opening moment. She can't even move her fingers, and here I am, blessed to be able to walk, run, jump, write, type...We are going to be helping her every week now, and I am so excited. It is such a humbling experience, and I truly love her.
-We had a church tour with our new investigator, Jennifer, on Tuesday. I can't remember if I wrote about Jennifer, but she was found by some Elders in the area and they referred her over to us. At the church tour, we were at the baptismal font, talking about the blessings of baptism and being a member of the church. We asked her what she was thinking, and she looked up at us and said, "I'm thinking I really want to be baptized." It was amazing. The spirit was so strong! It was like an electrical shock when she said it. So, she is going to be baptized on October 12th! She can't wait. Yesterday, we had a new member fireside which gives recent converts an opportunity to bear their testimony. Jennifer came with us. She talked with President Eaton and Sister Eaton and other people. At the end of the meeting she leaned over and said to me, "I want to invite President Eaton to my baptism." Whaaaa?!?! So we walked over and she invited him! He put it in his calendar. Jennifer is absolutely incredible and so prepared to hear the gospel.
-On Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator Stephanie. We talked about her baptism date, which was September 28th. She moved it up to this weekend!!! I am so excited to see her baptized this weekend. It is going to be such a huge blessing for her. She has so much faith. Her dad still isn't supportive of her getting baptized, but she is going to anyways. She is so strong, and I feel so blessed to have been able to meet her. Get this. She has already expressed a desire to serve a mission! She is so strong in the faith.
Something I was thinking about this week is how blessed I am to be able to serve a mission. Almost exactly a year ago, I heard the announcement that changed my life. I have received so many blessings for being out here, and I have changed so much already even though I've only been out about five months. Some things that I have gained from my mission thus far:
-Love of the scriptures: I actually WANT to read the scriptures. I crave them. I look forward to study and times I can just sit down and read.
-Love of the sacrament: I never really appreciated the Sacrament until I came on my mission. It is so sanctifying, and such a blessing.
-Lessons about agency: Everyone has agency, and sometimes I hate it. But it is such a wonderful gift from our Father in Heaven. He has given us the tools we need to succeed, and all we have to do is choose the right.
-True happiness: I miss Facebook, my music, my iTouch, Pinterest, shopping, no curfews, BYU, my family, my friends...but when it comes down to it, I am so happy here. It is a different brand of happiness. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling that comes when someone makes the choice to follow our Savior, and I am there to witness it.
This church is true! I know it, and I love it. I love you all! Until next week.
Love, Sister Morrow

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