Wednesday, May 8, 2013

(Rachel asked me to post this. We received it in the mail today.)
Today Sister Hills and I were given the assignment to teach about "God reveals His gospel in every dispensation." As I studied that principle in the first lesson of Preach My Gospel, it was really impressed upon me how blessed we are to have the true power of God, the priesthood, here on earth.
Dispensation: A period of time in which The Lord has at least one authorized servant on the earht who bears the keys of the Holy Priesthood.  We have this true authority here on the earth today.  My own father is a worthy priesthood holder. He has the power of God to bless me in my life. I have had several health issues growing up, and have received many blessings of healing and health from my father and other priesthood holders. Each time I felt God's love and comfort.  Similarly, I have received so many fathers blessings in times of need.  Just this last year my dad drove down to school to give me a blessing. My children will have a father who holds the priesthood worthily.  They will have a father like my dad, who will be able to lay his hands on his daughters' or sons' head and pronounce a blessing from God.  My children will look to their father to lead them and guide them by the priesthood which he holds. I know that the priesthood is the true power of God.  I know God loves His children, and shares His will with us throught he power of the Priesthood.

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